Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maggie's Marvelous Dolls

Here are Maggie's lovely dolls from March's meeting. 

This is Maude the Saucy Spinster

THE BLACK AND WHITE doll was made using my aunt’s bathing suit, from a photo transferred onto a transparency, and Tanny’s grandmother’s head copied onto cardstock.  The pantaloons were created from wooden blocks and old lace and the black and white body and head were from a sheet of washi paper adhere to a wooden block.  I call her Maude, the Saucy Spinster

This is Sister Wife

The other wooden doll was my experiment doll.  I love her.  I stamped the face onto a piece of colored transparency paper, used a transfer copy of my aunt’s dress and put some colored legs on her.  She is holding a baby, also made from wood.  Her headdress is elaborately made from one side of a used towel bar I found at the thrift store and inked with alcohol ink then topped off with an old knob.  I call her sister-wife for no other reason except that she reminds me of one of the women on the hit show about sister-wife’s, as in you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.

Thanks to Tanni and her help, I also made a soda pop doll.  I love to glitz my art out and this Sassy girl is no exception.  I utilized found jewels from garage sales along with metal this and that’s from the Habit store.  Tanni made me a face by inking and coloring on piece of chipboard. She is whispering “come here big boy”.

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